Monday, August 25, 2014

chop chop...

over the last week or so, i had been thinking about what i wanted to do with my hair. now that i have to look professional and put-together on a daily basis, my long-ish, limp, lifeless hair was needing a change. i was growing it long simply for a change, not because i necessarily liked it. i'm not one that can style my hair either, with the curly/wavy ends that are in now, so basically it was always straight, in a ponytail, or in a bun. not to mention the dead ends since it's been probably 2 years since a cut! *yikes* i knew it was time to freshen it up and chop it off.

unfortunately, it's getting harder and harder to get to my regular hair dresser who i've been going to for about 13 years or so (in another city). i ended up going to a place close by me where i've gone twice before, even though i paid an arm, a leg, and my first born. i'm finally back to the blonde that i love after my brunette stint in the winter, and it feels so healthy.

but the game-changer in all of this? dyed eyebrows! for years, i had always considered it, but never said it out loud to my hair dresser because i was just too chicken to do it. but when my hair was nearly done this time, the stylist was like, "we need to do your brows. they're a little harsh." i think the look of slight horror across my face told him i was little unsure, but he assured me it would only be a shade or two, and that eyebrow hair falls out all the time and in a few weeks, my regular hair will be back. honestly, i had no idea that we lost eyebrow hair. i told him to whip it up and let's do it. turns out i absolutely love it! it softens my face and makes the blonde look more natural. i think i'm an eyebrow dying convert for life.
brows-a small but good change.


Sarah said...

You look so cute! I've been thinking about dying my eyebrows too but I'm still too nervous.

Amanda said...

I love it! The eyebrow thing is the reason I have never gone fully blonde, which I've always wanted to do. My eyebrows are BLACK even though my hair is naturally light brown. It looks awesome, so maybe I won't be too scared to do it (whenever I have money again for hair appointments!)

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