Friday, August 29, 2014


the last long weekend of the summer is here! i'm hoping the weather cooperates since we have plans to go to a winery with my parents. other than that, i'll be savoring these 3 days off; the weekends mean so much more now that i'm "working" at my co-op. speaking of co-op, i'm now finishing up week two, and have two weeks left. it's slow at the office and there isn't a whole lot for me to do, but i'm told that it's because everyone is on the last of their summer vacations. the days kind of drag on, so i'm hoping it picks up next week. but i can't complain about the people; they've all been awesome and are helping me along the way with all my questions that come up.
 thursday's outfit.
living it up in skirts while the weather still permits.
and sometimes i get my eyeliner just right and it needs to be documented.

and on an unrelated note: about two weeks ago, we decided to get library cards at the new library by us! i haven't had a library card in years and i forgot how exciting it is to be able to walk around and pick out all the books i like for free! i had finished reading the cuckoo's calling last week and was excited to read the silkworm, but i didn't want to buy it until it came out in paperback (i dislike spending all that extra money on a hardcover, plus i have a lot of other books to keep me occupied in the meantime). so with my new library card, i decided to put my name on the wait list. little did i know that half of the city also wanted to read the book. i was number 701!!! within 2 days, i had gone down to 683, i guess a bunch of people keep dropping off the list realizing it will probably take 4-6 months or so.

but then there's dylan, who thinks it's silly to wait on a list that long and is the spender of our relationship. i met him outside of work yesterday and i saw he a bag from the bookstore. i kind of rolled my eyes because i figured he had picked up yet another book for himself that will just sit on his shelf and get dusty (sorry dyl, it's true!), but i was happy to open the bag and see that he bought the book for me. no more wait list for me!

enjoy labour day weekend, i know i will! 

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Amy said...

love the outfit! That's exciting you're at the half way mark for your placement - have you heard anything about a job afterwards yet?

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