Friday, August 22, 2014

1 down...

...3 weeks to go. i'm happy to report that my first week of placement is going well! my nerves have quickly melted away, and i actually look forward to going in. i've been sitting in a training room for the last 3 days, but yesterday afternoon i got to go up to my desk (! with my own nameplate !) and set it up a bit. i meet with a lawyer today, along with the other girl from my program that is at this place too, and that lawyer will be deciding which department we go to; either litigation or private services.

i love that my commute is now just a short walk, but i miss all the extra sleeping i got on the subway over the last year. i also love getting dressed up and actually looking closer my real age ;) my poor feet don't know what hit them since i'm wearing heels every day, but now that the blisters are gone, they're actually fairly comfortable!
outfit of the day for friday.

lastly, it's casual friday at the office, which means denim is totally ok; however, i don't feel comfortable meeting a potential boss in jeans, even though hr said it's totally cool. i'm bringing jeans for after the meeting, but we'll see if i even change. 

happy weekend! summer hours are in place so i finish at 4 today!

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