Monday, May 26, 2014

to the dogs...

can i just say what an absolutely perfect weekend this was? it truly could not have been any better. we started saturday morning with the annual woofstock festival. dylan had good intentions of coming, but he took a shift friday night, which got him home at 8am, and while he still intended on coming, while making breakfast he just had to stop and go crash. nevertheless, my parents were still on their way and the 3 of us just went.

i'll say right off the bat, they changed the location this year and i was not a fan. at all. it was in the beaches at woodbine park, which is a great area, but it takes a lot of work to get to that part of the city. driving took only about 15 minutes, and we got there 1 hour after it started, but we drove around for 1 hour looking for parking. it was absolutely ridiculous. see, the other location is very central, meaning easy to walk to from all of downtown, easy access to transit, and plenty of parking around. this spot has none of those features. on top of that, we felt there was no organization given that it was in an open space.

overall, there seemed to be less people and from what i'm reading, we weren't the only ones disappointed with the event this year. as someone who has gone the last 4-5 years, it just wasn't the same vibe. anyways, moving on to the pictures.

rocking that tutu.

"please, may i have one?"

funnel fries and apple fritters! redeeming qualities of the day!
i cute.

relaxing in trinity bellwoods.

after we got home from the festival, dylan was awake and the 4 of us went out for a nice long walk and lunch on a patio. while leaving the patio, i found $40 on the ground, and after asking around and no one claiming it, everyone was like, "it's yours! take it! enjoy the weekend!"and so i did. we finished off at trinity bellwoods, which is basically the most popular spot in the city for hipsters and those alike. really though, it is a fantastic park and a great place to hang out. i think the whole city was there this weekend.

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Lor said...

Love the pictures! It was definitely a beautiful weekend in the city.

Lucky you for finding $40!

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