Friday, May 23, 2014

the harbourfront...

yesterday after dinner, we took our gopro and got chloe out for a nice long walk. it was much longer than anticipated, but it was so nice out and we were really just enjoying ourselves. we're so lucky to live so close to the water and to just be able to spend a few hours walking along the harbourfront whenever we like. most of the images below were shot with the gopro, as you can tell by the wide angle. we're still getting used to taking pictures without having a screen ;)
as a side note - chloe has been ordered by the vet to lose 2lbs. darn winter weight! get used to the exercise comin' your way, girl.
 clear skies and sun shining.

'jack's got your back' - jack layton memorial.

see, toronto isn't just all condos, skyscrapers, and construction! although those things do make up a large part.
we'll be spending a lot more time down here during the summer, that's for sure.

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Lor said...

Love your blog!! I live in Toronto as well and just started my own blog. Love your pictures! Yesterday was definitely a beautiful day in the city.

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