Wednesday, May 28, 2014

around the town...

to end of this great weekend we had, we checked out a few sites for doors open - buildings that are normally closed to the public are opened for a weekend with guided and self-guided tours. we saw a bunch last year, and decided to only check out two places this year. plus, it was just too beautiful to move from one building to another; we'd rather have been outside.

first up was the canada life building - the very top is a weather beacon, which i had no idea about.
from the 17th floor observatory.
and again.
and facing nathan phillips square.

next up was osgoode hall, which houses the ontario court of appeal, the superior court of justice, and the law society of upper canada.

judge breanne, thank you very much.
part of the law library.

double double ice cream swirled with cereal milk with caramelized corn flakes from momofuku milk bar. you better believe it was good.
trinity bellwoods park.

we finally ended our adventure of a day at the park and took a long walk around there. being in school throughout the summer, i have high hopes that i'll be able to make the best out of my weekends and hopefully they can all be this good.

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