Wednesday, May 21, 2014

home stretch...

you know, going to school through the summer sure isn't ideal. but it's my last semester and i know it's going to fly by. and the bonus is that we have every wednesday off, which can be used for either homework or taking a day to relax and get out and enjoy the nice weather (when it comes - we're still in the middle of a rainy few weeks, it seems). today though, i'm fixing up my resume to hand in to my professor tomorrow so she can place us at our respective co-ops. i've been on pins and needles the last 2 months just waiting to hear where i'll be placed and hopefully the end is near and i'll find out soon.
 starting mornings off right.
the one day of shorts weather was such a tease. come back!

you know what else? having wednesdays off make the week go by so fast, it's insane. and for that, i'm happy.


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