Friday, May 2, 2014

it's the weekend...

how has nearly 2 weeks gone by already? come tuesday, it's time to hit the books for one last semester and git 'er don. i'm very pleased with my final marks from last semester (straight A+'s!!) and hoping i can pull that off this time, too. i'm still waiting on the news as to where (what law firm) my co-op will be and it's driving me absolutely nuts.

until then, i'll be soaking in the last few days off (maybe quite literally, rain is on the forecast every single day for the next 16 days!!) and burying my nose in a book.
 this morning's coffee and read.

freak is the second book in the series (after creep,which i quite enjoyed for a quick psych thriller read) and i'm just starting it this morning. dylan is coming off working 14 days straight, so i'm looking forward to actually enjoying an evening with him tonight. happy weekend! 

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