Monday, May 5, 2014

it's yonanas...

as an easter gift, my parents got us a yonanas machine. what's that, you say? well, you put in frozen fruits (that's it!) and within seconds you have healthy "ice cream"/froyo. it's kind of amazing and we're love it. it's recommended the bananas be cheetah spotted before freezing them (and peeled as well). obviously, it's a much healthier option than ice cream, since it's only fruit, but i suppose even fruit has natural sugars, so you don't want to overdo it.

that said, you can definitely add in other fixins. bananas, frozen chocolate chips, and stir in peanut butter once it comes out? sure! add in some bailey's? why not! the website has a bunch of recipes posted and the results are endless. most of the recipes contain bananas, since they're what makes it more creamy, but they're definitely not necessary; i've done it with and without.

step 1: let fruit thaw ~10 minutes before going in the machine.
step 2: fruit goes in the top and is pushed down by the wand.
step 3: ice cream!
step 4: stir it around a bit to mix it up and enjoy!

when you're all done licking the bowl and wishing you had more, you'll be happy to know that cleanup is a breeze. the machine very easily comes apart in about 4 pieces, making it easypeasy.

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