Tuesday, April 29, 2014

happy birthday...

sunday was my dad's birthday so on saturday we went over to give him his gift and have dinner. i can't take credit for the gift this year, it was all dylan's idea. we ended up getting him an electric guitar. my dad has a few guitars that he plays on occasion and he'll get together with his friends every so often to 'jam', but i guess dylan had picked up that he wanted an electric one. obviously our budget was on the lower side as far as electric guitars are concerned, but we were able to pick one up we were happy with.
 how about that wrapping of that oblong shape??

 pretty surprised.

he was pretty shocked and surprised, but i think he loved it. hopefully we'll be able to think of something equally as good for my mom's birthday (she's the hard one), but at least we have until october.

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