Wednesday, May 7, 2014

strawberry blonde...

after a 7 month fling with the brunette hair, and spring on the horizon (because while it's technically here, mother nature has yet to really give us anything warm and spring-like), it was time to start making the transition back to blonde. this is the middle-man step, the step i always hate when going from brunette to blonde. i can look at the color and appreciate that it's nice, but i just don't think it suits me. i think that looking at pictures when i've had this before and i think it after a month passes. i much prefer either dark brown or a nice bright blonde, not in-between. and while i could go back to the salon in a week or so and go my usual blonde then, i would rather just suck up this brassy strawberry blondish color for the 2 or so months, not kill my hair even more, and not spend double the amount of money for booking 2 hair appointments in 1 week.

it's good to be (almost) back!


daniela said...

I actually super like it!!!

Magical and Beautiful said...


Thanks for sharing your heart.
I would be honored if you would follow my journey with Huntington's disease

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