Monday, October 14, 2013

saddle up...

on my way home from class on friday, i had to stop to get a new shower curtain at winners (which is the same as marshalls). i'm not one to veer off from the lists i make. say like, when we go to the grocery store, i have my list and i intent to stick to it, whereas dylan likes to throw things in cart and it makes my heart rate rise. anyways, i have my shower curtain in hand, and right where all the cash registers are, they have shelves of all the items that they want people to grab on the go. you know, like how grocery stores put magazine and chocolate bars? except here, it's nail polish, random snacks, old dvd's, and dog halloween costumes.

i was doomed. i had to get her something. i noticed the tulle was starting to fray at the bottom of the one i wanted so i figured what harm would it be to ask for a discount. it was only $12.99 to begin with, but the cashier said she could do it for $10. hey, sure! i was only expecting about $1 off. i got home, grabbed some scissors, took chloe into the washroom (because this was a surprise to dylan), cut the frayed ends off, and told her to go get dad. we had a good chuckle over her ridiculousness.
 cowgirl chloe! (ignore the bucket, dylan was cleaning)
 looking mischievous. and maybe slightly pissed.
 she's totally rocking that hat.
sharing some kisses.
she's just the best.

here she is 2 years ago as a bee. tell me you dress up your pets for halloween, too??
also, it's my mom's birthday today, and even though she has no idea this blog exists, happy birthday! :):)


The Thrifty Book Nerd said...

You have an adorable cow girl!! I don't have a pet but if I did, I think he or she would be a bumble bee.

Sara said...

That costume is way too cute! We never dressed my dog up at Halloween, but he does have a Christmas sweater we squeeze him into every year!

Teh Megan said...

Teh Bear suggested we dress up Phil as an AT-AT, but I feel like that's just so much work.

Sadly, most stuff isn't made large enough for the large Greyhounds since they have such big chests. :(

Clarinda @ Enjoying the Course said...

What an adorable little doggie costume!

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