Friday, October 11, 2013

je ne parle pas français...

bonjour! hard to believe this weekend is already thanksgiving. along with it being a short week next week (monday off!), i have the following week off for reading week. i've been working my butt off the last month and a half and i cannot wait for a break. and what's a break without a little getaway? we've decided to head on over to montreal for a couple nights of poutine eating, shopping, and some site seeing. the first time i was in montreal was in grade 12, and the second time was 2 years when we went to old quebec and the trip was kind of a flub. we ended up extending it by a night to go to montreal, but we had very little time and thought we would give it another shot, since i know it's a city loved by many. i booked what looks to be a fantastic hotel based on hundreds of reviews and i used expedia for the first time and saved $200/night. i was pretty stoked about that.

here's where i'm asking for some help! does anyone live in montreal, go there regularly, or just have some opinions on where we should go, what we should eat, what we should do?! we're staying right downtown (approximately a 3 minute walk from holt renfrew ;)) though we're not opposed to walking to other neighborhoods. i've heard the best poutine is from la banquise, so we'll definitely be trying that, and i've found a bakery that does nyc style cronuts, so that's definitely on the list. i also read that mont royal will give you fantastic views of the city. 

via (does anyone know anything about this photo? where it is? is that pink 'garland'
 there all the time?)

any tips for us??

happy weekend, and to my fellow canadians, enjoy the long one and stuff let's stuff ourselves silly!


Amy said...

a really amazing hole in the wall chinese food place is called Beijing. I went there to eat while I was in Montreal once at like 2am and it was busy! It was the best wonton soup I've ever had and after you ate your meal they brought a plate of fresh oranges. This was about 5 years ago... but I had it again for takeout about 2 years ago and it was still amazing, just not as good as eating in.

Teh Megan said...

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Christa Lei said...

If you like pork and foie gras and can spare the cash-- Au Pied du Cochon was one of my best meals.
There are also some great Belgian frites and mussels aroudn the area that I loved when I was there

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