Tuesday, October 15, 2013

in a dark place...

no, i'm not really in a dark place emotionally.  but it is that time of year where i change up my appearance and become a brunette for a few months. the cold fall and winter months just beg for a switch-up and a return to the dark side.

 it was a pretty tough decision this year because for the last month i've been itching to go brunette, but we've got a wedding coming up this saturday, for which i wanted to be my regular blonde self.  but i needed to get my roots done badly for this event. i was going to just do that, and then a month later, book another appointment and go dark. but that's silly, in terms of money and the health of my hair. i was sitting in the hair dresser's chair saturday morning still not sure what i was going to do. and then i was flipping through a magazine, saw a picture of kendall jenner of all people, and loved her deep chocolate colored hair and said, screw it, let's do it now. and so we did.

ok, 3 selfies is enough. you get the point.

dylan pretty much sees it as him getting a new girlfriend, so let loves it.


Clarinda @ Enjoying the Course said...

Love the color! Have fun at the wedding. :-)

Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

christ woman, can you be any more beautiful?

love the color! makes you look so exotic. you have such beautiful bone structure that if you were standing in front of me, i would probably slap you. kidding! #notkidding LOL

Vodka and Soda

andra said...

big like!:)

Life Inside The Locket said...

This hair colour suits you down to the ground! :)

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