Monday, October 7, 2013

nuit blanche...

nuit blanche was held this past weekend, which is an all-night art show held all over the city. since we didn't get back to our place from dinner at my parents until 7:50, and dylan had to leave for work at 9pm, we had very little time.we only managed to see a few things and then headed back. on friday, i decided to get off the subway after class and make a pit stop at the mall and i'm glad i did because i saw them setting up for one of the more popular installations; ai weiwei's forever bicycles. 3,144 bikes are all interconnected to make a pretty cool visual.
lots of bikes. putting on the final touches
"the rose is without why, it blooms because it blooms, it cares not for itself, asks not whether it is seen."
the lightbridge
the lights 'danced' along with the music playing.

other years we have seen far more (see here) but i've heard that this year was kind of a letdown anyways. toronto; always something going on.

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Amber said...

I've GOT to come visit Toronto. You're always mentioning something awesome happening!

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