Wednesday, October 9, 2013

canadian, eh...

poutine; such a canadian staple. last thursday, i really, really felt like poutine for dinner, but i put aside my cravings, figuring it would pass, and i gave myself a high five! "yes, i'm saving my waistline and my health! i can do this", i thought to myself. i made myself some pancakes, but i put too many strawberry pieces, which made it too watery and then i ended up putting all the batter in the pan at once to make a giant one, and well, ya, it didn't work out. i ended up eating cheese and crackers.
friday i got home from school and since i was still craving it, proclaimed to dylan, "i need poutine for dinner! i'm clearly meant to have it!" never one to turn down the goodness that is cheese curds, fries, and gravy, we were on our way. i stuck to the regular size traditional poutine, but of course dylan couldn't. he's a big guy with a big appetite. he ordered the WOW size pulled pork poutine. of course he did. after we got our container of fat, it was approximately 1001 degrees in the restaurant, and a beautiful, cool fall day outside, we took our food and walked around the corner to a side street and sat on the curb and went to town.
i know some of you who have never heard of poutine are thinking this looks absolutely horrendous.
mine looks small in comparison (which it's not), but i guesstimate that dylan's is about 3x larger than mine. pulled pork poutine: 1, dylan: 0. he couldn't finish it, but he came pretty close.

we picked up some of our favourite doughnuts to bring to my parents when we went for indian on saturday. go ahead, laugh at the name lol
1 pb & j was already eaten pre-photo! but on the top, we have orange chocolate, and maple glaze. on the bottom, coffee cake, fluffer nutter, and a classic cinnamon sugar. i was so sad they were already out of the pumpkin cheesecake doughnuts by the time we got there! :(

we like food and we like the good stuff.

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