Monday, June 17, 2013

warm weather weekends...

you simply can't complain of a weekend that includes good coffee, good drinks, and delicious food. that's pretty much what life is about.
 friday morning coffee at dark horse espresso.

 setting up the stage for an award show that took place last night.
 a stroll through a park.
 afternoon drinks on the balcony; corona for him, corona + oj for me. (it's close to a mimosa)
 lounging on the balcony at sunset. does it get better?
 saturday afternoon at my parents.
 one of her many treats from woofstock :)
 these are just absolutely amazing. not sure of the recipe, my mom just had something photocopied.
 my dad was making watermelon wave drinks for everyone..busy busy on father's day! (they were good!)
we finished a father's day bbq with strawberries + grilled pineapple. i could have eaten a whole pineapple, let me tell ya. (recipe)

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