Thursday, June 20, 2013

to do this summer...

believe it or not, sadly june is almost over ready. how does that happen?? a few weeks ago, i started putting together a list of things i would like to do this summer and places i would like to go, that way i would remember everything. most of the things are free (bonus!), we just have to take the time to take the subway, or drive (& pay for parking).

  • visit allan gardens. i saw it in the movie chloe when it came out (it was filmed in toronto) and have had it in my head since. (done!)
  • scarborough bluffs; we'll plan this on a nice, sunny day. (done!)
  • leslie st spit; apparently it gives you great views of the city and you get a long hike in while you're at it. (done!)
  • renting a speed boat. since we're minutes from the lake, we found a place that rents out both 2 and 4 person speed boats by the hour. 
  • ward's island, out on toronto island. it's a beach, enough said.
  • head back to the beaches. we've been a handful of times in the previous years, but who doesn't love laying on the sand and hearing the crashing of the water? (done and done!)
  • master jogging. seeing as i signed up for a 5k.
  • visit tobermory, which would likely be a 1 or 2 day camping trip. (done! part 1 and part 2)

i'm sure there's more to add to the list, but that's all i can think of at this time. 


Trish said...

My goal is to feel confident enough to actual sign up for a 5K... not there yet haha.

K Ferrero said...

I feel the same way, I had a whole bucketlist ready for me and my little sister and it feels like summer is halfway over already lol.

Unknown said...

I signed up for a 5k, as well! Good luck to you this summer I hope you accomplish all of your goals!

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