Thursday, June 13, 2013

peaks and pits..


-finding a dress for an october wedding. i have the worst luck in searching for dresses for events (weddings, showers, etc), i will literally search store upon store, try on anywhere between 20-40 dresses and find nothing flattering. i don't enjoy the process. i was with a friend last week and we happened upon urban outfitters, i was browsing around, saw this dress (the only one there) in the sale rack for $59. i loved it, but looked at the size and figured it would be too small. but i tried it anyways. it couldn't have fit better, i fell in love, and for the price, how could i not get it?! sold! now i just have to wait 4 months to wear it....
-woofstock. obviously. enough said.
-we wanted a new show to watch and though we're like, 9 years behind, we've started lost! i'm sure it'll take us months to get through all six seasons (we're only on episode 19 of season 1), but we're totally hooked. no spoilers please!
-using the 'workouts' app. i love that you can pick the intensity and search by the area you want to work on, and whether you want something short (like 5 minutes or 10 minutes), or something a little longer. i did a few arm workouts while watching so you think you can dance the other night. feel the burn!
-finding a few nearby cafes that make a really good americano.

-applying for a few jobs that i would actually like, that pay relatively well, and that i'm actually somewhat qualified for, but not getting any calls yet.
-meal planning. thinking of different things is difficult, therefore we usually fall back on a few regulars. we need to spice things up.
-my poor feet after a 10k walk yesterday in flats. i went out to just go for a normal window browsing walk, but i kept walking, and walking, and walking. and then what do you know, 10k later, i'm home and my feet have blisters.

i keep scratching my head that today is thursday since all day yesterday, i kept thinking it was tuesday. i guess i can't complain about being closer to the weekend than i thought, though.


safire said...

I love dress shopping and it's always better to do it ahead of time so I'm glad you are looking now instead of right before. I never find anything I like if I wait until last minute.

Have you tried online shopping?

hautelook, ideeli, ruelala, gilt, asos name a few websites that I love and you can find some really pretty designer dresses for a good price + great return policies!

daniela said...

That dress looks AWESOME! I'm sure you can sneak in a wear before October ;)

Are you guys downloading all 6 seasons of LOST?

Quinn said...

That sneak peek of the dress makes it look totally gorgeous (which I'm sure it is)! I only watched the first episode of LOST and the very last episode. Yeah, let me know when you get to the end!

Brittany SSP said...

Best of luck with the job hunt. I completely understand, I've been looking for months & just had an offer that I'm actually excited about. If it helps, after about 4+ months of putting in applications EVERYWHERE I could think of, I got about 6 calls within a month. It's ridiculous, but hopefully it will pick up for you soon!

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