Tuesday, June 11, 2013


oh woofstock (note: there's music that plays on the site), how i love thee. north america's largest festival for dogs never fails to bring out the funny, cute, awesome, and weird dogs (and dog owners). there's vendors galore, usually with free stuff, talent shows, costume shows, wiener dog races and more.

brother and sister maybe?
we're off to a pretty happy start.
too cool for school. 
pack of wieners. 

look who it is! the real 'maggie' from the cesar dog food commercials and ads! (pic stolen from their facebook page)
chloe wasn't as excited as i was.
mom and her granddogger.
looks pretty comfy to me.
mohawks are cool.
i can't even handle the cute.
buying a shirt for chloe was not my idea, it was dylan's. i was opposed to it, and he insisted on it. but now on the rare occasion that she wears it, she can represent a small piece of me ;)

done for the day!
the free loot this year.

love the luggage tag from the cesar booth!
"are we done yet so i can dig in???"

previous years here.


Amber said...

LOVE the pink dog & the Cesar dog. So cool! I wanna take my little baby to this :)

Life Inside The Locket said...

What a beautiful dog you have! And cute festival x

Quinn said...


I really want to take my Lia there... I think a transatlantic flight would kill her though!

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