Friday, May 10, 2013

condo tour...

we've been living here for about 3 weeks now and were completely settled, including all pictures hung, within the first 24 hours. the walls were primed, but we decided we wanted to keep it nice and light and airy, so we painted everything but the bedroom white. the bedroom was done the light grey color that we used in the living room of our other place.

our sectional was so large that it definitely didn't fit in this place. (see it in the living room here) i certainly wasn't prepared to sell a couch we only had for 9 months, knowing we wouldn't get close to what we paid for it. my solution? take the middle section out and connect the ends. this couch isn't made to be in sections; it's made to be as one piece, so dylan had to a little handy work to make it work. and it does, even if it is a little large for the space. these are the realities you have to deal with when living in a toronto condo! that said, it is pretty much the same size as our other place, just a completely different layout, therefore making things fit differently. i think it's about (including the balcony) about 635 sq ft. anyways, on with the overload of pictures... (don't mind chloe, she follows me around everywhere)
from the door.
i'm only 5'2" so that ugly step ladder has to stay there for me to reach the top cabinets ;) there's also a regular size closet right across from the oven which if for dylan. i took the bedroom closet, clearly.
lots of cabinet space! a huge plus. and dare i say some are actually empty!? (ok, only 1, but still)

our 'dining area' isn't right by the kitchen, but it works. and the folds come up and easily seats 4 when it's round.
hidden appliances! and the glass stove top is still something i'm getting used to.
the den, to the right of the door. ie dylan's man cave.
he uses 2 computers simultaneously. boys. 

all of chloe's toys :)
the bedroom, duh. love the floor to ceiling windows.
unfortunately, the black dresser wouldn't fit at the foot of the bed, so it became dylan's 'night table'.
right now, the tv is just sitting on a safe. not sure what we're going to do with it. hang it on the wall? find a long, thin table that will fit on the wall across from the bed? 
bedroom closet on the left, washer/dryer in the closet across, bathroom straight ahead, which also leads back into the den.

regular ole bathroom. but i must say, i do love our shower head. and i can't wait to take some baths in the nice big tub.
can't complain about this being our view.
our wee balcony with it's temporary seating (and beach/camping chairs off to the side for more seats)

well, that's everything! a look into our home and a piece of the toronto sky. 
happy weekend! 


Unknown said...

What an amazing view!! Congrats on the move! It looks great!!

Sarah said...

So jealous! Love, LOVE the floor to ceiling windows! And everything else too! Congrats on the move!

R's Rue said...

Congrats! It's beautiful!

Blicious said...

wow it's gorgeous and your view is amazing! love the colors you did!!

Amber said...

Love it, so jealous. My favorite part is the hidden appliances. And I want the windows in the bedroom. so gorgeous!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I still cannot get over your view, it's AMAZING. And I love the hidden appliances.

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