Thursday, May 9, 2013

recent snaps...

i'm pretty sure that we've done more in our first 2-3 weeks here than we ever did in the 9 months we lived in the other city. we're out walking around and doing things everyday and loving it.
mr monopoly the dj.
captured a little rainbow action in my ring.
dylan instagramming.
the theatre room in our condo was showing the finale of the amazing race on sunday. we were the only ones there, then dylan had to leave half way through to go to work and it was just me!
relaxing on the balcony with a much needed iced tea; it was boiling out.
woke up to surprise flowers tuesday morning :)

that's it. that's all.


Amber said...

I LOVE the monopoly man, and your balcony looks amazing!

Ashley said...

I would die for a balcony like that wow! Beautiful!

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