Wednesday, February 13, 2013

sweet tooth...

in honor of valentine's day tomorrow, i thought i would get a little sweet on here and share some valentines treats i've made. our first valentine's day in 2007, we had been dating a mere 2.5 months and i was still living at my parents. there was a massive snow storm out there and dylan made his way to me with a 2hr car ride, which should have taken 15 minutes. he had made me a heart shaped cake with pink icing (with the help of his grandma) and it was the first time that 'i love you' was exchanged. i know i have pictures, but i can't find them anywhere on my computer. *sad* anyways, that's a quick little story of our first valentine's day!

vday 2009 was the first time i ever made red velvet cake (and the firs time i ever tasted it) and what started my love affair.


last year, i made conversation heart cookies, which were a hit. i could go for 1 (or 6) today.

perhaps i'll have to see what we have in our cupboards that i can whip up today or tomorrow...hmm...

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Unknown said...

That cake looks beyond delicious (it looks like PINK velvet cake!!)
Thanks again for popping by my blog via the sharefest! xo

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