Monday, February 11, 2013

a storm called nemo...

we were right in the thick of that storm that hit this weekend. i was at work thursday and apparently the storm was supposed to start at 1pm. then 3pm. then 7pm. i went to bed at 11pm and still not a drop of snow. i had high hopes that the weather warnings that were all over the tv were right, but i was starting to doubt them. when dylan got home from work at 2am, i got up and looked out the bedroom window; still nothing! i fell back asleep, a little sad, because i love the snow and was looking forward to it, and we just don't get the good old storms like we used to. i woke up again at 6am, looked out, and it was a winter wonderland. i was too excited and couldn't fall back asleep. i opened the blinds and just watched it fall for an hour until i got up and made some coffee and muffins. i think we had almost 2 feet, as it fell for nearly the whole day. and it was glorious.
 7am; just the beginning.

go, chloe, go!
 "can we stay out a little longer?"
slowly losing our steps. good thing we have a front door, too.
 she can't get enough.
 even more.

up to my knees.
snowed in all day? might as well start it off right.

how was the storm where you were? did you enjoy it, or wish you could transport yourself somewhere warm? 


Something Infinitely Interesting said...

aww your doggy is soo cute!

Cleopetric said...

Love it, maybe we can follow each other's blog!

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