Friday, February 15, 2013

valentine's day...

how was everyone's valentine's day?? hope it was full of sweets and loved ones, even if you're not in a relationship. any excuse to eat candy is fine by me. i woke up to some chocolate and flowers on the table, while dylan slept the morning away from being on nights. we started our afternoon trying out a new coffee place and then wandering around the mall. we went with mexican for dinner and it was a huge hit. gauc, nachos, enchiladas, sangria, mm! 

*someone* needs a haircut. 

ugh that food was so good. i wish there was leftovers, but we ate it all.
muah, i love you.

we ended our day watching the oh-so-romantic hannibal and then ending the night fairly early since dylan got called into a random day shift starting at 6am this morning. 

ps. do you think the candy is all on sale yet?? i'm hoping so. i've got a few bucks left on a gift card at a place i'll be passing today. *fingers crossed*


Something Infinitely Interesting said...

So cute! Hope you have a wonderful vday!

Lovina Quotesworth said...

This is so sweet. Roses, love and more love. This is so beautiful. keep it going.

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