Friday, February 8, 2013

sweat it out...

here's another post from me saying, 'it's time to get healthy!' 'i'm really going to work out this time! for real.' really though, i'm getting older, my body is (sadly changing) and i'm realizing that i'm going to have to include some time of working out into my routine. my girl friend asked me earlier in the week if i wanted to join her for a $30 trial at a hot yoga studio, which gets you 21 days. i figured, why not. i've done bikram yoga (but quit after 5 classes or so for no good reason), and these classes aren't quite as intense or quite as hot as bikram.
of course, i didn't wear socks to class.

i wear pretty much as little as possible, sometimes even a sports bra. the class we did was more relaxing than bikram, though we still sweat a lot, and a little slow for my liking. but, we'll try out some other classes during our trial. i've also found a youtube girl that i really like, cassey at blogilates. i've been doing some of her videos at home for about 2 weeks now. she's upbeat and fun, and the videos are generally 10-20 minutes and leave you shaking and feeling it the next day! 

please, let yoga/pilates be something i can stick with!


Unknown said...

Pilates is so fantastic (and you see results almost immediately!) Best of luck :)

Ashley said...

have you heard of myyogaonline? I subscribe and love it. They have a ton of videos and this way I get a variety. No it's not the same as going to the class, but I go to classes at the gym for cardio. This way I can do what I feel like, when i feel like it. Okay, sales pitch over. Good luck with the yoga!

MSWR said...

I watched this video that talked about how meditating and yoga improve your memory, make you more compassionate, and a bunch of other good stuff. I think it's called how meditation can reshape your brain, it really makes me want to start doing yoga, good luck sticking with it!

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