Wednesday, January 30, 2013

me time...

we all need it sometimes. i'm an only child, and i lived alone for my 5 years in toronto, so i'm used to it; i crave alone time if you will. i'll be getting lots of it while dylan is house sitting this week. he'll pop in a few times here and there, but for the most part, it's me the chloe.
a hot drink and a lit candle.
 a pile of magazines needing to be read and nail polish.
tea, i'm trying to like you.
those eyes.

and pajama bottoms; what i wear at home 100% of the time.

so here's the thing; i absolutely hate tea. but i want to like it! i keep trying it, but it's a no go. i drank maybe 1/2 of the passion tea above, and it was ok at best. black tea with a lemon wedge is another that's the best of what i've tried, but i still grimace with every sip. yet i still make tea from time to time in the hopes that eventually i'll like it. green tea? definitely not. chai latte? yes! chai tea? nope. maybe i'm just not meant to be a tea person. perhaps i'll just stick to my coffee; we've been best friends for years.


Unknown said...

I usually have to start my day with a cup of coffee and then do tea in the afternoon. Try pomegranate green tea!

Amber said...

Oh I want that mug! But with an A of course :)

I'm the same way with tea. I try and try to enjoy it, but it's just "meh" - coffee is my one true love.

Something Infinitely Interesting said...

i dont like tea either.. until i started drinking peppermint tea. Try to buy a varity pack and try and try until maybe you like one!


Rachel Emmilee said...

I'm telling you, King Cole tea, steeped with a splash of milk. Remove the tea bag!

The BEST... I drink a cup, at least, everyday!

Brittany SSP said...

I am not big on tea OR I'm trying on both accounts. Iced coffee is the easiest for me to enjoy so far.

Blicious said...

i love these photos and ME time! :)

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

I'm glad you're persevering with the tea - I promise you just have to find the right one!

Kyla said...

You should try Tetley's Red Tea: Rooibos Vanilla! It's mild, and the hint of vanilla tricks you into thinking its not tea.

Faith said...

I want to like tea, too. I love teapots! They're adorable. But yeah. No go with the tea. I don't like coffee either, which makes me extra odd, I guess.

Teh Megan said...

Add a splash of milk, like Rachel said. It takes away that bitter edge of hot teas.

Otherwise, add an asston of sugar and serve it chilled and pretend your in SC again (sweet tea is the best!!)! :D

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