Friday, February 1, 2013

glossybox [january]...

what can i say about this month other than it sucked. at this point, i would not be recommending glossybox to any canadians. after all the issues last month with the expired products, i thought they would up the ante, and really put out a good box this month. wrong. the theme this month was 'moisturizing' and keeping our skin soft in these cold canadian months. seriously though, enough with the creams. we've gotten a ridiculous amount over the months.

at this point, i'm not even going to do detailed, individual little reviews like i used to, but i do have a few things to say. keep in mind that glossybox says that each month, we will receive 'deluxe beauty products.'
wella mousse- i didn't know anyone still used mousse. maybe those with curly hair, but it's too bad this was the only full size product.
nivea-common!! it's $2!!!! nothing against nivea, you can't go wrong with a classic lipchap, but it is not deluxe.
too faced lip injection-the smallest sample i ever did see.
burt's bees body lotion-more cream. again, not deluxe.
vitabath hand cream-oh! another cream! which we received 2 months ago...
cosmetic sanitizing wipes-we also received these a few months ago.

i just want to know who is running the canadian offices because they're doing a terrible job. the quality of the boxes has drastically dropped since they raised their prices by 40%. i feel bad for whoever has the social media job because 95% of the facebook comments are unsatisfied customers complaining about the lack of quality.

exclusive access to world beauty trends according to their site; simply not so. as soon as i get enough points to get my free box (very close), i'm out.

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Manda said...

I felt the same way about Birchbox in the US, which is why I canceled it after this month. I really wasn't impressed! With each box I kept hoping things would get better, but they didn't. Once I got enough points to score a free eyeshadow palette from the Birchbox shop, I canceled my subscription.

Shame about GlossyBox, though! I've heard good things about them in the US.

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