Tuesday, January 29, 2013

weekends are for...

i like weekends because they give us a chance to spend mornings together, which doesn't happen very often because of dylan's work schedule. sometimes he works overtime (ok, a lot of times), so he's sleeping saturday/sunday mornings too, but when he's not, it's nice to get out for breakfast and coffee. i can't complain too much about overtime though, he gets double time, and there's nothing bad about that. and who doesn't like starting (or finishing) the weekend with delicious food, and someone else cooking it and cleaning up?

this early morning date included:

1) the largest latte i've ever received. you can't grasp the size from the picture, it was like a soup bowl.
2) caramel french toast for me (and a feta/kale/spinach/onion omelette and hash browns for him).
3) a cute date.
4) fresh flowers on the table.


Amanda said...

I love this! Looks like a wonderful morning date! M made me french toast for breakfast on Sunday :)

Quotes about life said...

Mouthwatering. I like all the items there. Yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy! hahah

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