Monday, January 7, 2013

eating in the age of iphones...

..or any phone with a camera, really. or just a camera in general. it started with my mom taking a picture of the pizza with her camera (i've turned her into one of us), then my uncle needed a picture, then i thought why not, me too, and realized how stupid we all looked and called on dylan to join in for this picture.


and then we put our phones away like normal people and ate that delicious pizza before it got cold.


Amber said...

HAHAH! I always take pics too, and people look at me like I'm funny. Oh well, I want to remember the deliciousness ;)

Blicious said...

bhahahaha hilarious!!

xoxo Kelly said...

Hahahaa this is hilarious :) I hope you uploaded it to instagram just to be even more cliche lol

Anonymous said...

Haha, this is so accurate. I love watching people at restaurants when they do this too. They barely let the server get out of the way before they whip out their iPhone and take a few pictures before they can eat a single bite.

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