Wednesday, January 9, 2013

glossybox [december]...

while december's glossybox seemed amazing at first glance, they've gotten themselves into a little bit of hot water. there were 2 products that were either expired or discontinued, not months ago, but YEARS ago. unbelievable, no?
a silver box for december, instead of the usual pink.
the goods this months. looks pretty good.
i do like aveeno, a lot, but 2 creams in 1 box?

the questionable items.

aveeno ultra calming daily moisturizer spf 30 - full size, valued at $22.99. i love aveeno products; i think they smell great, and i love the way they leave my skin feeling. so this, i'm happy about. plus, it's got spf 30, which never hurts.
aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizer (fair to light) spf 30 - another full size product, valued at $22.99. i've never used a tinted moisturizer before and i'm a little nervous. i don't wear foundation or cover-up, so the idea of covering my skin with a color makes me nervous. hopefully since it's for fair to light, it won't look like a mask on me, but we'll see.
tresemee fresh start volumizing dry shampoo - i've never used dry shampoo before, but i've always wanted to try it. maybe my hair wasn't 'dirty' enough, but it didn't seem to make that great a difference.
tresemee split remedy shampoo and conditioner - full size is $5.99, but we got a decent sized sample bottle. we got tresemee in another box and i wasn't a fan. it left my hair feeling really dry and brittle. this is a different line, so perhaps it will be different?
glossybox lashes - valued at $12.99. these are some bold, full lashes. maybe i'll save them for halloween or new years, because they certainly aren't for a regular weekend night out.
nobia x-cessories earrings - valued at $14.99 but they're cheap looking and feeling, and not something i would pick out on my own. i likely won't wear these.
the 2 products in question:

revlon opulent pink nail polish in 'opulent pink'- valued at $5.99. from what i've found online, this color was 'new' in 2009 and isn't currently on the revlon site. some customers even received nail polish that had a rite aid clearance sticker on it!!! the color itself is fine, but i'm not ok with getting something from 2009.

avon lip gloss - no information listed on our product info card, regarding what it is (though it's obvious it's gloss) or the price. the color is called 'silver foil' and luckily, it's not actually silver. again, some people got lipglosses that expired from 2005! 2005!!! they apparently got these 2 products from europe, but that's just crazy. can't say i'll be using it.

the thing is, both revlon and avon have come forward to say that they did not partner with glossybox, so everyone on the glossybox facebook page is freaking out, and i think rightfully so. where did these products come from if not supplied by the companies themselves?! why are some people getting 8 YEAR expired products and some with clearance stickers on them?! if i want to use my own expired nail polish that i've had sitting around for 5 years, that's my prerogative  and i do it all the time, because quite frankly, i don't care. but i'm not paying $21/month to receive expired/discontinued products. sure, the 2 aveeno moisturizers alone are more than double what we pay for the box, but that doesn't matter. glossybox is kind of beating around the bush and not giving any specific answers. i'm going to hold out for one more month, since january is their 1 year anniversary, and i'm hoping that they will redeem themselves, but i'm thinking ipsy is sounding pretty good, and it's $15, like glossybox used to be.

not cool, glossybox, not cool.


Brittany SSP said...

I hadn't hear of Glossybox until I started reading your blog, and at first I thought it sounded great. But it seems like there have been a lot of issues in the past few months, so I'm glad I haven't signed up yet. Looking forward to hear if it improves or not.

Blicious said...

sketchhhyyyy! I cant believe those two items. I would be upset to!


Amber said...

Wow. Super sketchy. That would make me cancel, I think. I wondered about Glossybox because it looks good, but now I definitely won't sign up!

Teh Megan said...

This is my last Glossybox.. I looked into the Ipsy, sounds cool, but really I think I'm giving up on beauty products. Although, getting the mail was definitely fun!

Rachel Emmilee said...

I'm with Brittany, I'm glad I didn't sign up. I was close, you had me on the fence for a while... But this post did it for me.

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