Friday, January 4, 2013

a rockefeller kiss...

i love nyc. how's that for obvious statement of the century? but while i've been 10 times, i've never been during christmastime, and that's pretty much been a lifelong goal for me. i've been trying for years, but due to things like work and exam schedules, it never worked out, including this year. but last friday (the 28th), i woke up and decided to check megabus tickets to see how much they were. i had just found out that my saturday shift was cancelled, and dylan hadn't had too many shifts over the holidays, so i thought just maybe, we could go. i saw the prices, and while still a pretty good deal, i decided i didn't want to pay that much.

2 hours later, we were on our way to costco, dylan had called into work and found out he didn't have any shifts and i had told him what i was thinking that morning. "well, how much? lets go. i'll turn the car around right now and we'll go get money exchanged, travel insurance and buy the tickets." and that's pretty much what we did at 12:30pm. after some errands, and dropping the dog off at my parents, we were on the 5pm bus to toronto, and then the 7:30pm megabus to nyc from toronto. my christmas dream was finally coming true!
on the bus to toronto; megabus.
lone taxi on the street early saturday morning.
i had heard of this place and when i found out we were right by it, we scooted over after breakfast. they opened at 8, we were there at 8:01 ;)
creme brulee doughnut. while it was smaller than my palm and $3.25, it was the most incredible thing i've ever eaten, i'm pretty sure.
quiet on the high line.
there was a storm advirsory, so we were prepped with our boots.

again, from the high line.

freedom tower.

the snow started.

we had to stop in at s'mac, like we did last time. i got the same one, it's just amazing. 

macy's magic.
there it is!

it was gloomy and rainy, but that didn`t stop us!

a rockefeller kiss.

we had our photo taken and 'splurged' to buy it along with the frame. (80th rockefeller tree lighting)

it was a quick, whirlwind of a trip, with 13 hours total spent in the city. we arrived at 6:30am and the only issues with that was that nothing was really open for breakfast that early on a saturday. lucky that there's starbucks everywhere, we stopped in there until about 7:30, then went around the corner to malibu diner. we walked everywhere in those 13 hours; from chelsea, to the freedom tower, to battery park, to the east village, to times square, and then to rockefeller center, in perfect weather, to rain, to snow. 

it may have been one of our shortest trips, but it was spontaneous, romantic, and memorable. 


Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Great pictures!!!! I love NYC!!! About a year or 2 ago, my fiance went to NYC around Christmas and the only think that was a bit of a downer was that it was snowing/raining pretty much the whole time we were there. But we still had a great time! And it looks like you two did, too!!!

Anonymous said...

i commend you for how many places you got to in one day! Seriously unbelievable!

Megabus is the best


Unknown said...

This is going to sound HORRIBLE, but NYC is not my favorite. haha. It is fun for a day trip in my opinion but I get so overwhelmed and stressed out by how crowded it is. I will say that I do however love Rockefeller center and the tree is always STUNNING.

Unknown said...

Christmas in NYC is just amazing! It's one of my favourite cities! It looks as though you had an awesome time! x

Quinn said...

Awwww! I'd almost forgotten how much I love your blog!


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