Monday, December 17, 2012

pretty lights on the tree...

just a few christmas-y things around our place lately..
eggnog and nail painting.
a light dusting of snow.
a little bit of wrapping. still more to go.
what we've got going on thus far under the tree.
secret santa gift for a night with  my girl friends. 

as of yesterday, i *think* i'm done all my christmas shopping. i've got a few extra things to wrap, and that's that! i was somehow given 5 days off (monday to friday) next week, and i'm super excited about that. working those days before and after christmas sucks, in my opinion, and i'm happy to have them off. 8 more days!


Nikolett said...

Love your purple motif on your tree! And I never thought about using nail polish as decorations, but it actually works perfectly :) yay for having days off soon!

Amber said...

Your tree is so cute!!!

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