Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the streets are alive...

on friday, i got a little glimpse of what it's like to work on an event for months, have the date finally arrive, and have it go off without a hitch. it feels good to watch something that took countless hours of hard work be enjoyed and well received by the community. while i only had a very small part in this, it was still nice to see it all come together in one place.

 ice sculptures. 
 dylan-the reindeer helper, and hot chocolate server.

 lights all around.

 the man himself!

 yes, i totally made him volunteer to help that night.
 fire juggler.

there was so much going on, but i only got pictures of a few things here and there. there were multiple stages with live music, carolers, hula hoopers, santa, and free cookies and hot chocolate, and more. we couldn't stay too long, because i was feeling pretty awful (had the cold then, still have it now!), but it definitely put me more in the christmas spirit.
*6 days!*
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