Monday, November 5, 2012

glossybox [october]...

this month's box was apparently worth $80. do i feel we got that? nope. it wasn't bad, per se, but again, i wasn't thrilled. last month, we got an email saying that the price was being raised from $15 to $21 with the hopes of improving the types of samples we get and moving away from drug store brand stuff. october was still $15 for existing members, but new members would have paid $21. i find a 40% increase to be outrageous and was not pleased when i got that email. most likely after 1 more, if i don't feel there's better quality, i'll cancel.

 i have really small nails. and this is them when they're 'long'.
 more sebastian products (shampoo and conditioner), and an anti-aging cream (wait till you see the price).

zoya nail polish in "rory" - a full size product valued at $8 (full size). we've received another zoya polish in the past, and i love it. it's opaque in 1 coat, though i still use 2, and i find that because of the shimmer, it stays on for quite a while. the color reminds me of a barbie pink and i love the faint metallic/sparkly look to it. obviously i liked it so much that i tried it right away.

modelco flipstick lip duo - this baby is quite pricey, at $38.75 (full size) and is special for glossybox members. the colors (dusk lipstick and striptease gloss) are quite nice. the gloss is pretty sheer with just a hint of pink and i liked it right away. the lipstick, on the other hand, looked really brown and i thought, 'ugh, gross, won't wear that!' i wasn't even going to try it (dramatic), but then i figured i might as well, and what do you know, i was wrong. it's a lot more sheer than pigmented brown, and it's more of a neutral color than anything. one or two swipes of it won't give you anything close to brown lips and it moisturized them for hours. lastly, while i thought the mirror on it was cool, you can't use it when applying either lipstick or gloss!! both ends are attached to the mirror, so it's used to look after you've put the stuff on. kinda weird.

gillette venus razor - eh, another razor. enough already. i'm not paying for razors every few months. enough with the drug store brands. it's a good razor and all, and comes with a few refills, but this is not a high-end product like they're promising. it's valued at $16.99 (full size).

sebastian professional trilliance shampoo and conditioner - a full size bottle is $17, but we got little sample sizes. it smells really nice and left my hair ridiculously soft! we had gotten a full size sebastian shampoo a few months ago, so now that i've tried a sample size, i look forward to using it when my shampoo runs out.

jouviance rejuvenating anti-aging cream - a full size 50ml bottle of this is $93.50, but we got a sample  size of  5ml. honestly, this bottle is practically empty; i can squeeze the bottle flat and there's a teeny bit of cream at the end. really?! it's supposed to hydrate skin and create firmness, but given that it's so small, i won't be using it long enough to see if it works. plus, i put a tiny, tiny but under each eye and it left it super greasy.
see? empty.


Kiki said...

I have never tried glossy box let me know if they get any better! I do glam bags and i love them plus there only ten box you should try them out!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Okay I'm officially jealous. In my Birchbox I got the ugliest color EVER from Essie. And here you get a gorgeous Zoya color. Not fair!

daniela said...

Damn, $21 is too much and I wouldn't use any of the items in this one :\
Maybe glam bags is worth a try, I'll have to check it out & see. I wish there were more options - the States seems to have countless ones!

Amber said...

I've been on the fence of this as to whether or not I should join, but for $21? no thanks!

BellaDiamond said...

love your beauty tips and out look.
xoxox lease check my page out.

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