Tuesday, November 6, 2012

life's crazy...

on saturday, after dylan woke up from working nights, we went out for a little coffee date to a cafe we've become quite fond of. we got to talking about life (like we do a lot nowadays) and how things are really changing for the good. in his first month at his new job, he made more working part time than he did at his full time job (which could afford me to stay home while looking for work for those 2 months after we moved) that he lost in july. and this is just the training wage! he's through about 1/2 of the hours he needs for training and then we'll  be living the good life.

the most incredible carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

we both put together a 'wish list' of things we would like to buy, for ourselves and each other. it was pretty exciting to know that in a few short months, pretty much all money stress will be eliminated.
this post isn't meant to come across as bragging or gloating. it goes to show that you never know how fast life can flip around and you never know what to expect.
in july: we moved into together, dylan had a full time office time and i was looking for work. we were doing good with the one income. then later in the month, he lost his job. at the very end of the month, i started working a few hours a week doing some tweeting and facebooking for an office.
in august and september: we had to use some savings for bills and such, and dylan decided he was going to go back to school for a week long course, in an industry his friend has been in for years and begging to join him. end of september, dylan took the course.
in october: dylan started his new job and at the end of the month, i got a full time job, while still doing my other part time job.

bottom line; things will always work out. and maybe quicker than you think.


daniela said...

I'm so happy for you guys!!! You moooore than deserve it! :)))

Now...teach me how to be as positive as you are...please

Brittany SSP said...

This is an inspirational post for me- I'm hoping things work out like that for us soon! We are doing okay but my hubby's having a tough time getting a job, so he decided to try for an entry-level position in a new field. It's been almost 2 months of testing and classes, he has one more requirement to fulfill and we're praying he'll get hired quickly after that. It would just be so much better to have 2 incomes again versus juggling everything on one.

Anonymous said...

found your post via 20SB and I want to said this brought me some hope as money is SUPER tight in my household right now. My boyfriend is in school and so hes not able to work as much as he would like and although I am very lucky to have a job it only pays min so it doesn't go to far in the city. But hopefully things will turn around quickly!! :)



s1814 said...

Glad to hear that things are looking up :)

Rachel Emmilee said...

hi lady! i mentioned you as a deserving writer for the liebster award... check out the details in my latest post! :)
take care!

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