Friday, November 2, 2012

i like a good deal...

on wednesday, i had the day off, and since our dvr, cable box, whatever the heck those things are called, stopped working (it's been on the fritz since we got it 4 months ago) and we lost everything on it, we made the trek to the mall to exchange it for a new one. after doing that, we were in line for a coffee and my mom called me from work. she said she had heard that the drug store in the mall was having a huge $0.99 sale on pretty much everything because of the fact that they're switching locations in the mall. she told me we should head over, and luckily, we were already at the mall. did i believe her that things would be that cheap? no way.

as soon as we walked in, the place was MAD. i immediately looked to my left, where all the makeup usually is, but every.single.thing. was gone. lines were wrapping around the store, people had their arms overflowing with stuff, and some people even had 4 or 5 baskets stuffed to the max with god knows what. one lady had, i think, 6 baskets, and 13 packages of toilet paper. how some of people managed to get this stuff to their car, i have no idea. now granted, not everything was $1, but most things were. it seems that anything over $50 was about half price.

we made our way around the store and i did manage to find a few things that i was hoping were part of the deal. we met up after around going around the store on our own, and stood in line for about 45 minutes with shaking arms because there was no where to put the stuff we were holding. in the end, we spent $40, as dylan got some things that were $5 (a flashlight), and rechargeable batteries ($13) and a few other things. i made out with the fun stuff ;)
 the herbal essences, dog treats, and aveeno were all $2 each. the other 3 were $0.99. i mean, aveeno for $2?!?! unreal. i checked the price of the middle one (cleanser) when we were in walmart, and it was $13. steal!

we got there around 1:30, and turns out the sale started at 10am. i really wish we had knew about it. i would have killed to get some makeup for $.99!! but, regardless, i would say we made out pretty decently.

tl;dr - a drug store was having a massive moving sale and though we didn't get there for the good stuff, we still made out well.

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Amber said...

That is an amazing sale!!! You got some good stuff.

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