Wednesday, November 14, 2012

everything at once...

whether you like it or not, christmas is invading us in all areas of life; the grocery store, the streets, the weather (cold, but no snow yet), and soon enough, the radio. i love christmas as much as every other blogger, but halloween is too early for it to be put out everywhere. so is before remembrance day. after the US thanksgiving, then it all gets a "thumbs up, go crazy" from me, even though ideally, i like to wait until december 1st.  here's a few ways christmas has been sneaking into my life..
christmas tree going up in front of city hall; street decorations.
my first red cup of the season (eggnog latte); christmas socks with flannel pjs tucked in.
a new cookie plate, candy bow, and candy cane hot chocolate; poinsettia from dylan (wish it said merry christmas instead of HH, though ;))

40 days to go? better get shopping.

(linking up with jenn :))


Unknown said...

People are always so cranky when holiday decorations go up (tres annoying!) I'm glad to see someone embracing the spirit :)

Stesha said...

those socks look way too cozy!!!


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Haha I just went out and spent A TON of money on Christmas decor. We're waiting till next week but it'll be up soon. Cannot wait!

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