Monday, November 12, 2012


working 2 jobs is kicking my a*s right now. between my new job (typically 10 hour days), and my other job, i`m lucky if i get one day off a week. i'm completely exhausted. at my first job (the one i typically work from home, tweet, facebook etc), my boss is away for 10 days and i've been left a lot of work to do. for one thing, we've got an event coming up, and i've gotta get all the posters and info cards out, and spread the word all over the city! i'm going into the office today (office to myself, woohoo!) with hopes that i accomplish a lot, and be home for dinner, or a bit earlier if i work hard; must keep focused!
i seriously come home from work and i'm ready for bed, but usually hold off until 10 or 10:30  ;) i keep telling myself things will get better/easier soon; lets hope i'm right. new jobs are tough enough as it is.
i've wanted to read this book for years. finally decided to buy it.

most of the time, i get home, watch a show or two, and then read a chapter or so. we're slightly lacking in the entertainment/date department lately with our crazy schedules. let's hope for an improvement in that sooner than later.


Nikolett said...

Definitely hope you get a day to relax and a good date night to unwind and have fun, too. Hoping all the hard work pays off :)

Unknown said...

let me know how that book is! i'm looking for a good read once the semester wraps up!
xoxo, jamie

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