Friday, November 16, 2012

that time we got a deep fryer...

so, we now have a deep dryer. i, for one, am not thrilled at the idea. add it to the list of kitchen things we probably don't need (or have room for!), and is the worst thing you can get health-wise.  my parents decided they didn't want it anymore because they've had it forever and don't use it, and dylan snatched it up faster than you can you say "deep fried pickles." seriously, the next day we were at the grocery store buying wings and sauce. i had a girl friend coming over that night to hang out so dylan threw some wings in the fryer for us before he left for work. lucky for him, he still had a few minutes to shove a couple in his mouth before he left ;)
 the good stuff.
 batch #1-breaded. personally, i don't like breaded wings.
excited while waiting for the oil to heat.
 batch #2-non breaded and hot sauce! and wine, of course.
chloe's younger 'cousin' came for the visit, too. you can tell that (even after 2 years) chloe still isn't sure of little olive.

the goal? to NOT make the deep fryer a weekly feature. that would be bad. sorry dyl, there's restrictions!


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Mmm, I love make fries in the deep frier. I usually only do it once in awhile because I hate lugging out the deep frier but yum are they good!

Wolly from Love messages said...

Ah! That must have been so yummy. Im feeling so hungry right now looking at those fries. I'm going to make some for myself.

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