Tuesday, August 14, 2012


a few random photos that don't require their own post, or really have much of a point, for that matter. but, here they are anyways...
 we returned just a few bottles back to the beer store. we got a whole $6.10 back!
 an early saturday morning; i was on the bed reading (spying), while dylan was putting together our office desk.
 damage-free hanging? i think not. we now have to fix that ugly mistake.
 a 'b' bracelet my girl friend got me for my birthday.
along with this scrub from sabon in nyc which smells absolutely amazing and leaves my skin baby soft.
 pina colada in my parents backyard, just relaxing. sunday dinners at their place is totally our thing now.
every morning, we have breakfast with the squirrels. we drink our coffee, while they sit up in this tree right by our deck gnawing on the nuts (loudly) and chucking down all the unwanted nuts (which then hit the metal shed below).
 look what finally came in the mail! even though i use the iphone app, this is still fun to have.
wind in the hair out the car window.
twins baby shower. yummy cakepops.

and that's all there is to say about that.


Kyla said...

I love your blog! Just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for an award, please check out my blog for more info. www.nerdynailart.wordpress.com

daniela said...

OMG the coveted gold card! I am 12 drinks away and I feel like we're going to need coffee every day in Chicago anyway so I'm going to use it a lot and hopefully return with 30 stars :) Yes, that's what i'm looking forward to in Chicago.

Also loving the cake pops! I need to tell my sister to start making them! It's supposed to be her specialty anyway :P

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