Monday, August 13, 2012

need your love...

last minute concert plans are all kinds of fun. i got a text on a friday from my friend saying that, "omg! the temper trap is back in concert on tuesday!! should we go again!?" without a doubt, i had to say yes; tickets were only $30 after all. and i got a chance to go back to toronto, even if only for a few hours. i've been in love with this band for years now, and saw them 2 years ago, too. they put on such a good live show, and it was a good mix of their first cd, and their newest one that just came out.
i personally loved the venue they were in because it's quite small and no matter where you are, you can see pretty good. we were maybe 10 (?) 'rows' from the front (it's all standing), and of course, i had a 6'5" guy in front me and another 5'9" girl, and they were both swaying, so i could sometimes between their shoulders. but with all their swaying, we were able to move up a little bit and increase our views by 300%. tall people, you should be relegated to the back at concerts!!
i haven't seen you in a month!! i love you!
opening act; doldrums. they were...something else.

kisses to the crowd.

doldrums-  i've never heard anything like this in my life. it was so different i barely know how to try to explain it; indie electronica with a touch of tribal? but then later in the show, they almost went into a skrillex style? i tried finding them on youtube to show dylan, but nothing compared; they were way more wild live. the one guy was swaying his hips like no tomorrow and with those moves, he could have been on dancing with the stars. they were probably, most definitely, high on something. i found a few of their songs here, but this still seems toned down to a live show.

maybe we'll be seeing the temper trap for a 3rd time in the future? 3rd time's a charm.

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