Wednesday, August 15, 2012

prank wars...

when i came home the other day, this was waiting for me under my side of the bed...
peek-a-boo, i see your leg.

no, it wasn't dylan. it was a pair of his pants that he stuffed ever so perfectly with plastic grocery bags.  lucky for him, when i walked in the room and saw it, it was only 8pm and the sun was still out, so i didn't even flinch. but then i forgot about it, and my friend came over to watch big brother with us, and at about 10:30, i walked back in and saw it. i called him, and was all, "i see you did here, you think you're funny?" my friend thought it was absolutely hilarious and we had a good laugh. dylan said the prank war was on, but i made him shake that it was not on. i don't go for that stuff.

the other idea he said he was thinking of? getting a friend that i don't know to come into our place like it's a robbery, tie dylan up, and basically terrify me. i think that one would have been grounds for a break-up. i've actually seen this one done on youtube to a girlfriend..not cool!!!
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