Monday, August 6, 2012

glossybox [july]...

i felt like this month, glossybox was just ok. i didn't dislike it, but it hasn't been my favorite. of course i'll use everything, but the only thing i'm really excited about is the nail polish. that being said, it's still worth the $15.

beauty so clean-cosmetic sanitizer wipes; i've never heard of anything like this (maybe i'm outta the loop), but i kind of look forward to trying them; they're supposed to sanitize makeup that accumulates debris like dust, lint, and food particles. it's not something i would ever pick up myself, which is part of what i like about the box. we got 4 samples and a 48pack of wipes goes for $12.50
eucerin calming cream; i have ridiculously dry nails (and hands in the winter) and from the little sample we got, i loved this stuff. it absorbed into my hands right away and they felt really soft after. we got a 5ml sample, but a 200g sample goes for $12.00
alessandro pedix feet; this is some heavy duty stuff! i've never heard of this brand before, but i tried it the other night and i love it. in may, we got a curell foot cream, and it was just ok. this stuff blows it out of the water. it smells nice and minty, and my feet were left unbelievably soft the next morning. this was a sample size, but the full 100ml size goes for $19.95.
dove visiblecare body wash; i need to buy a loofa but in the meantime, i used my hand. it smells really good (i generally like dove products for how they work and their smell) and it did do it's job by leaving my skin nice and soft for summer. we got a full size bottle valued at $5.99
john frieda frizz-ease hair serum; i think this is going to be similar to moroccan oil (which i've now used forever and am in love with), which is great because i'm down to my last few pumps and haven't bought a new one yet. i tried it twice and i can't say too much about it yet, but it did keep my bangs from going crazy on the really hot days! another full size product (albeit tiny) valued at $14.99.
zoya nail polish in 'carly'; finally, a nail polish! i love the dark puple color and the sparkles. i've been wanting an opaque sparkle color for some time, just never bought one. i've never used this brand before, so i'm not sure how long it lasts before chipping, but we'll see. i had nail polish on when i opened the box, but wanted to try it right away, so i may have put a coat on dylan's went on really nice, not streaky, and you could probably even get away with 1 coat, even though i would go for 2. the nail polish is full size and valued at $8.99.

i'm starting to look forward to fall boxes; how will they differ and what season will i like better?

(ps..enjoy your holiday monday if you're off! we've got a family bbq to go to!)


Cisca said...

never heard of those sanitizing wipes either... looks interesting!

Elizabeth @ Love Is the Adventure said...

I hadn't heard of glossybox before I saw your post. I'm totally intrigued.

Teh Megan said...

How did you get it for just $15? I went to the website and the cheapest I could see it for was $18 (I know its only $3 more, but that starts to add up).

What can you get with the points? Because I am seriously considering signing up and I'd rather someone benefit from referring me than just signing up and no one gets anything.

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