Friday, August 3, 2012

pack your beach bags...

*i just want to preface this post by saying i wrote this out a while ago and just haven't had a chance to post it yet. in light of the recent situation which i posted about *here*, we may not be able to go anymore, but i'm really crossing my fingers, and i think we will be able to. we are certainly not completely broke that this trip would be a stupid decision to make while we both have no jobs. if anything, it'll be a little escape in the midst of crazyness which will be mostly free, as you'll read.*

because we're going to the beach! a couple weeks ago, me and dylan were out to lunch with my mom, dad, aunt and uncle. they had mentioned that they have a time share and the person they were originally going to go with wasn't sure anymore because of personal things. my aunt mentioned that if her cousin didn't end up going, would we want to come?? we pretty much jumped at the opportunity. given that it's a time share, we don't have to pay for the accommodations, or the transportation (we'll be driving down with my aunt and uncle). a few days later, she let me know that the space was indeed open to us, and if dylan could get the time off, the place was all ours. fast forward to a few more days of anxiously waiting around to hear back from dylan's boss [this part is obviously not relevant anymore], and we had our answer...we're heading to myrtle beach in september!! 

it'll be our first beach vacation full of relaxation that we've gone on together in our (almost) 6 years together! i mean, yeah we've done the cottage thing with friends, but it's not the same. the last time i went somewhere hot, i was probably 10 and went to disney world with family. we absolutely cannot wait. we leave on friday the 14th, stay a night in a hotel midway, continue and get there the next afternoon. we then do the same thing when we leave on the 22nd and get home on the sunday. including travel, that's 10 days of glorious vacation.

we get our own condo which has a full kitchen and laundry in it, and we should be right on the beach. not to mention my aunt and uncle are an absolute hoot and i don't think 2 people can make me laugh as hard. they stopped by our place one saturday at 11am (the day we went out for lunch and this plan came about) and when they got there, i was actually kind of pissed that i was having a good makeup day, because i just knew that i would be laughing so hard and the tears would be streaming down my face. they left at about 7 that night, and the whole 8 hours, we were all just killing ourselves. so, i have no doubt that the 4 of us will have a pretty good time.
now, we just need to work on our beach bodies ;)
42 days


Amber said...

Ahh, I just read your bump in the road post - I'm sorry! I will be thinking of y'all and crossing my fingers for employment!

I hope y'all can still find a way to go to the beach.

Quinn said...

I hope you get to go! You deserve it!

Brittany SSP said...

Hope you're able to go! It's so funny, I grew up just a few hours from MB so I'm used to going there, but it's still weird to think that people from literally all over the world are so familiar with it also.

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