Tuesday, August 7, 2012

boat watching...

one gloomy morning, we went down to the waterfront to grab a coffee and sit outside where the boats are docked. it's nice just to sit by the water and relax, and then take a walk around the area.
we both want a boat now. dylan is pretty obsessed.

one giant boat (and a dad and his son fishing)

beautiful, clean water ;)

 now, if only we knew people with a boat...we should work on that ;)


Hannah said...

love these gorgeous photos. the coffee is the first photo has me seriously craving a mocha. :)

Nikolett said...

Definitely one of my favourite spots in the city; love anything that's by the water, even if it's a little dirty. Wish I had a boat I could lend to you guys :P

Elizabeth @ Love Is the Adventure said...

I think it would be so cool to live somewhere where having a boat would actually be practical. I love the water...great pictures!

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