Monday, August 20, 2012

a flea market day...

i've got a wicked hangover hang right now. we had my aunt and uncle and parents over for dinner last night and i drank champagne, a bottle of peach wine and a glass of red wine. needless to say, i'll be hanging low today.

on friday, my mom asked if we wanted to go to breakfast and out to some antique stores. given that we still need bedside tables, we couldn't turn it down. though we didn't find anything, we still had a good time.
dylan in his dream office.
an old fashioned wagon nearby.

the next day, we took chloe for a walk to dundurn castle. with the wide open space, she obviously enjoyed herself. and we got a little workout in, too.
she wishes this was her own personal house.
a girl and her castle.

i'm off to go nurse this headache with some water and time on the deck ;)

1 comment:

AVY said...

If I worked that would be my dream office too.


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