Tuesday, August 21, 2012

housewarming gifts...

the one thing that generally comes along with moving into a new place is housewarming gifts. while it's certainly not expected, i'm not going to lie, it's a very nice gesture and much appreciated. my parents have done more than enough for us throughout this move, including buying the paint, some pillows, random kitchen things, some groceries..i mean, it seems that every time i'm out with my mom and i see something, she picks it up for us. i may be a little spoiled as an only child, and dylan is reaping the benefits, too ;) (though this is not to say they furnished our whole apartment; that was all us!)
 official housewarming gift from my parents-a panini press!!! ahhh, i've wanted one for ages!! and a gift card taped on.
and a bbq! which has already been put to use quite a few times. a deck and a bbq go together like pb&j.
a nice knife set from dylan's parents. it's definitely come in handy now that we're trying to eat better and i'm cutting fruits and veggies like a wiz now!
from my 1 girl friend; a candle (to bring yellow into the living room), a frame, candle holder, beautiful box that it all came in, and a gift card to home sense. we love that store, so were thrilled.

another friend of mine, a neighbor, and some family members also got us home sense cards. we've got a good amount of money to spend, which is a good thing because we've still got things that we need around here. and you know, with no jobs, gift cards definitely help with buying things!

to everyone who has given us housewarming gifts, thank you, thank you, thank you! we totally appreciate it, and love it.


Amber said...

That is so sweet! I want a panini press, and I NEED a knife set. Mine are dull and gross.

Nikolett said...

That's awesome! Home Sense is pretty much my go-to place when I want nice things in my room. And that panini press makes me crave panini now.

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