Monday, January 16, 2012

free as my hair...

i've gone and done it again. i changed up my hair. i'm on my way back to blonde, and while i was at it, i cut a good 3-4 inches off. it hasn't been this short in probably, 5 years. i was over the brunette, and i just feel more 'me' as a blonde. to be honest, i hate the 'transition color' that i always have to have when i make my way from dark to blonde, but it'll have to do for 2 months. she got it as light as she could and this will just have to do. don't get me wrong, i think the colors are great, i've just never thought they suited me; i prefer really blonde, or really dark.
back in september, it was this long! ahhh lord, it's going to take me another 5 years to get it this length again.

so, in a couple months, my hair has gone from long and blonde, to shorter and brunette, and now shortest and light blonde. always changing, never satisfied :)


Clarinda said...

Hair changes are always super fun! It looks great! :)

Melody M. said...

I think your new look is amazing! The picture of your blonde hair from September is so pretty! I go back and forth between brown and blonde all the time. I just went brown for a while!

Unknown said...

I'm always changing my hair too - I get bored with it really quickly! I had it quite long and layered, then I went to a asymmetrical bob in a lighter red, then went even lighter in the Fall and grew it out a bit. Now I'm back to a shoulder-length medium red. I'm growing it back out again bc I miss having it long and being able to put it in lots of styles (we're going to Mexico in March and I really want it long enough to put in cool braids and stuff!). I love the new look!

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