Thursday, January 12, 2012


a few things going on lately, courtesy of the instagram app, of course. (username: simply_girly)
1) forgot how great earmuffs are until i just got a pair 2) smizing? is it working? tyra?
1) i love pancakes 2) i love food, and yes, i love chinese food 3) portion control? low carb diet? not in a million years.
1) i love the birthday cakepops from starbucks. 2) it's time for the wonderful crest white strips again!

the book in the picture is 'go ask alice' and let me tell you, it was awful. the character was beyond annoying and i was so ready for the book to be over. right now, i'm reading 'i hope they serve beer in hell' and i have to say, while it's so raunchy, disgusting, and he is a major douchebag, i find it quite funny. but that's just my sense of humor. definitely an easy read.


Amanda said...

I need to do my teeth whitening again! Thanks for the reminder! Maybe during my weekend of relaxation and reading, I'll remember to put them on for an hour... I've heard of Go Ask Alice and never had any interest in picking up the book.

Unknown said...

LOVE Starbucks cake pops! My favorite were the tiramisu but I don't think they're making those anymore.

Elle Sees said...

i've never owned earmuffs!
i srsly have white strips on now.

Nikolett said...

Aaaaand now I'm following you on instragram! I love earmuffs; I want my latest pair to be ones from American Eagle that have earphones in 'em to attach to my iPod (genius). And the birthday cakepops are the ones I still haven't tried yet and I need to! And I tried reading "Go Ask Alice" and could not finish it. Right now I'm reading "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" - definitely not an easy read, but I'm hooked.

JW | PEONY said...

I love that you have a chalk declaration of your love of chinese food. yummm

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